Gee Daniel, I don't get it

You don't understand e-mail aliases?
Or, you don't understand the concept behind this domain name?

E-mail aliases

An e-mail alias is sorta like a P.O. box. Mail doesn't 'End-up' there. It just passes thru on it's way to somewhere else.

Let's imagine that you have some goofy address like 'jonsmith8765321@AOL.COM'. Well, that's ok, I guess. It's unique. But let's face it, it's a hassle to spell (or type) and it's not very memorable. Or, let's say you are a college student and for the next year or two, you can get your mail at, that's fine for now. But when you graduate, will all your friends lose track of you?

That's where an e-mail alias comes in. Reserve something here that suits your fancy. Maybe or (from the movie "Sixteen Candles") and have us redirect it to

WE DO NOT READ OR SCAN YOUR E-MAIL (I swear). It comes in and is automatically and instantly sent out. I have NEVER, EVER seen anyone's e-mail messages that are forwarded thru this site. I don't have copies of them, I don't have records of who/what/when or anything. Seriously I'm not being evasive. I don't have any records of what you get or from whom (or is that "who"? Whatever!)

Um, yeah, but how do I get my e-mail then?

You'll still have to keep a "regular" e-mail address somewhere. But, as it changes, you just send me the new address and I change our server. You'll just keep getting your '' mail. Again, think about a P.O. Box at your local post office. It doesn't matter what house you live in, or how much you move.

well... about that. Look, if you jerk me around and are changing your address a lot, I'm going to either charge you some transaction fee or cancel your account. I've never had anyone do that, so don't be the first. You've been warned.

Just two more things.

  1. Most e-mail programs allow you to set a "Reply-to:" heading. If your e-mail reader does, then you can set THAT to your likeicare address and when somebody gets a message FROM you and hits "Reply" their e-mail program should send it thru likeicare.
  2. There are so many e-mail programs/versions out there, I can't do tech support and try to figure out how (or if) your program works right.


This website, in general

Is "Like I care" supposed to be sarcastic? As in you don't really care?
Or do you ACTUALLY care very much? Whatever!

I just loved the name and couldn't believe it was available.   I jumped on it in a second even though I already have lot's of other domains that I own and get to work on.   I thought this would be fun if for nothing else than to put on forms when I list my e-mail. I can just hear them now "Daniel at like I, is that really your address?"

I started renting e-mail aliases to help defray the hosting charges. It's no big operation, but every little bit helps.

Thanks for dropping by.   Send me a note if you please and give me your ideas about what I should use this site for!

  Daniel Sherer